1. Implement A Brand Ambassador Program

Creating a brand ambassador program takes advantage of consumers’ desire for human interaction and referrals. In addition, this strategy creates an opportunity for an honest review of brands from a specific, real-life point of view.

2. Team Up And Collaborate With Clients

Joining with clients to create a campaign offering a bundle of discounts for a sample of each of your products is a great way to gain new audiences. 

3. Incorporate Clients In Speaking Opportunities

Increasing client visibility by providing opportunities for them to speak at conferences or trade shows is one way to promote their company and your own.

4. Create Campaign Around Customer Reviews

It is essential to receive feedback from your customers. Both negative and positive reviews are necessary to grow. Once you have gathered the information from the reviews, create campaigns around their needs.

5. Repost Customer-Generated Content

Having other people talk and promote your company is far more effective than doing it yourself. Reposting a customer’s content is a great way to involve your customers while simultaneously promoting your company.

6. Gather Insights From Customers

Gathering insights from your customers is crucial in establishing a strong brand message. Some examples of helpful information include what differentiates your brand from the competitors and what benefits your customers look for?

7. Use The Customer’s Voice To Tell The Story Of Your Customer Experience

Utilize videos, case studies, or other social programs and advertisements to highlight your customer’s voice. This is a great way to increase brand awareness and elevate retention strategies. 

8. Get Audience Buy-In On A New Project

Instagram’s Story feature allows you to poll your followers to ask their opinion on given projects. Another way to gain insight into your audience’s approval is through email marketing by opening up a conversation about a new project.

9. Involve Customers In Awards, Webinars, And More

Giving your customers’ opportunities to be involved in industry awards, case studies, or podcasts will give other customers insight into your company.

10. Include Partners In Thought Leadership

Incorporating partners in thought leadership can emphasize the importance of collaboration and trust in your company. 

11. Ask Customers If You Can Share Their Positive Feedback

Whenever a client provides positive feedback, ask them if your brand can share their input with its network. 

12. Acknowledge And Reward Your Most Loyal Users

Going out of your way to acknowledge your most loyal customers greatly increases your brand trust. Some ways to do this include sending an appreciation email or gifting your product or service to them.

13. Create A Game Customers Can Play

Creating a game that customers can join in and play will make them feel like they are playing a role in your company, which will increase the odds of them continuing to purchase from you.

14. Use Customer-Generated Video Testimonials

Customer-generated videos where they talk about your product or service are evergreen content. These videos can be repurposed and establish the credibility of your company.

15. Let Customers Tell The Story Of How You Enable Them

Using your customer’s stories and testimonials is one of the most unique selling propositions there is. 

Read more about Customer Involvement at forbes.com

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Founder & President

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