Influencers Will Use More AI

There is no telling to what extent influencers will use AI in their content in the future. One thing to be sure of is that AI is a beneficial tool for various content creation tasks. Some of these tasks include creating captions, editing features, and analyzing analytics. AI tools will help influencers push out high-quality content quickly and efficiently.
Although implementing AI into their content strategy has benefits, brands, and influencers must be aware of relying too much on it. Often, if someone heavily relies on AI, it is apparent to your audience.

Hyperlocal and Niche Influencer Campaigns Offering Better Targeting

More and more brands are leaning into strategically targeting campaigns focusing on niche influencers. When brands pursue working with influencers based on their geographic location and their specific following, Typically, these smaller, more niche influencers tend to have a higher engagement rate and a very loyal following.
By partnering with these types of influencers, brands can target a particular audience, and if it is well aligned with the influencer’s following, your product or service will deeply resonate.

Brands Shifting to Long-Term Influencer Collaborations

Entering a long-term partnership with an influencer helps build credibility and authenticity for your brand. If consumers see your brand promoted once or twice by several different influencers, it could be percieved as unauthentic.

Measurement Will Be Enhanced

With the advancement of technology, influencers can track and monitor more analytics than ever before. Some of these available newer metrics include seeing how long viewers are watching your content, when they exit your video, and even if they clicked through to make a conversion.

Brands Will Need a Budget for Trendjacking

Moving forward, brands need to set aside a budget specifically for making changes to their strategy by trendjacking. The online world moves so fast, and it is crucial for brands not to miss out on emerging trends and capitalize on opportunities that can elevate their business.

Snapchat Appeals to Younger, Tech-Forward Audience

Snapchat is coming back stronger than ever before in 2024. This platform is doing its part to position itself against TikTok’s audience. In the past, Snapchat served as a platform for people to send pictures back and forth, but now they are aggressively taking steps towards making themselves a major player in the digital marketing space.

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Tom Foerstel

Founder & President

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He went on to pursue his passion for art and design at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, and worked for design firms in Southern California before moving to Boise, Idaho in the early 80’s. Foerstel Design opened its doors in 1985. Since its inception, the firm has cultivated a bold, happy, forward-looking team focussed on creating distinct and effective work on behalf of their clients.


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