What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

AI systems are typically designed to mimic human behavior. Sometimes, they can even be challenging to distinguish from humans themselves. For example, AI can be used to answer customer service questions or automatically fill out forms.

AI compares to general human intelligence that is exhibited by machines or special software systems that perform these types of tasks:

  • Visual perception
  • Speech recognition
  • Language translation
  • Decision making

Three Types of Artificial Intelligence:

  1. Deep Learning
  2. Neural Networks
  3. Bot-based Systems

How is AI Transforming Digital Marketing Scenarios

  1. Marketing That is Specifically Targeted
    • Marketers can implement AI by targeting individuals with specific precision by analyzing data. This technology helps marketers target people by using predictive consumer segmentation techniques. Because of AI in marketing, conversion rates have increased, and cost-per-acquisition has decreased.
  2. Personalized and Automated Marketing
    • Due to artificial intelligence, the process of understanding customer behavior and their preferences can now be automated. AI will continue to play an essential role as technology advances by automating more and more tasks. 
  3. Improve Your Understanding of Your Customers
    • For AI to be as effective as possible in digital marketing, businesses need to have a strong understanding of their customers. 
  4. AI-Powered Content Marketing
    • AI is an excellent tool for marketers to assess what consumers want. Through analyzing data and past trends, AI creates messages for the right person at the right time.
  5. AI-Driven Customer Relationship Management 
    • Chatbots are an example of how AI plays into business customer relationship management.

Examples of AI in Digital Marketing

  • Chatbots and Conversational Marketing
    • Chatbots allow businesses to remove costs that come from human involvement and creating customer engagement. This tool also encourages users to interact and engage with the content on the page instead of passive browsing.
  • Personalized Emails
    • Automated emails include more relevant content, which has increased customer satisfaction and better conversations. 
  • Better Websites for Visitors
    • AI assists marketers in making websites run flawlessly.
  • The Right Pricing for Products
    • AI tools can now use dynamic pricing to keep a business’s products more competitive.
  • Customer Insights
    • AI produces information for marketers based on user interaction. This strategy helps marketers understand their target audience better while developing successful campaigns around what the customer wants.
  • Generating Ads
    • AI can predict a customer’s needs, advertise, and communicate more effectively and accurately.
  • Speech Recognition to Improve Content Marketing and SEO
    • Speech recognition technology is used to improve a website’s SEO and content marketing. This tool optimizes content for voice searches based on questions instead of keywords.

Read more about AI in Digital Marketing at techbullion.com

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