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It’s getting close to the end of the year — you’re designing for deadlines and finalizing freelance projects….you’ve been so wrapped up in work that you forgot! Halloween is this weekend, and you don’t have a costume.
Never fear! We’ve got you covered. Try one of these DIY Halloween costumes that will show off your designerly charm and magnificent sense of humor.

1. Pantone Swatch

Grab a solid colored outfit. Find the matching Pantone number. Use white fabric (or paper if you’re being frugal) to label yourself. Viola! You are now a Pantone swatch. Quick, clever and cute.

2. The Death of Print

002Chia Lynn Kwa created this masterpiece during her time at the Pratt Institute in 2012. Cover yourself in pages from an old book and use ink to create wounds. Bonus points for “mascara” ink streaks to show your deeply rooted pain.

3. Your Favorite Typeface…Literally

Atipo, a Sanish design company, created this set of posters as an homage to different typefaces. Why not use their images as inspiration for this year’s costume? Wear all black, paint your face white and get a typographically talented friend to paint your favorite characters on your face. A little spooky and a lot of smarts!

4. Your Favorite Emoji

005 004
These may not be a design-exclusive DIY Halloween costumes, but they sure are fun…and easy! Good Housekeeping has a slew of homemade emoji costumes that “can be thrown together” the day of the big shindig!


006 007
If you’ve been too busy to create a costume, chances are some of your friends are in need as well. Get a group together, assign colors and swing by a thrift store.

6. Pop Art

008 009
This one is going to take a little bit of time and some of talent. We love these Pop Art-inspired DIY Halloween costumes. Pick up some face paint and plop in front of one of the many YouTube tutorials that exist for this costume. Give yourself a couple hours (errrr, maybe an entire day) to perfect the look —just to be safe.

7. Spinning Wheel of Death

What’s scarier for a designer than the spinning wheel of death? Grab a rainbow umbrella or an oversized beach ball and you’ve got the “spinning wheel” part. Bonus points if you carry a scythe to emphasize the “death” part. Don’t have a colorful umbrella? Try out this fella’s costume for an equally as spooky result.

8. Banksy Street Art

012 011
You probably have black and white clothing already. Add a bouquet of flowers or an umbrella with some crepe paper hanging from it and now you’re super cool street art.

9. Your Favorite (or least favorite) Internet Browser

013 014
Take that fox costume to the next level by adding a globe and calling yourself Firefox. Or, cut out a cardboard “e” and add a yellow band around yourself and represent Internet Explorer.

10. 8-bit Character

Make yourself a low-res image with a little bit of face paint and a square stencil. Or if you want to get a head’s start on your costume for next year, crank it up a notch with this full-body 8-bit tutorial.

[via how design]

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Tom Foerstel

Founder & President

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