emerald health blooms into the market

Americans spend billions of dollars on prescription drugs every year; nearly half of all adults have taken at least one prescription drug in the last month; nearly a third regularly use two or more; and women are more likely than men to use prescription drugs, according to the CDC.
So what’s the alternative? Products like hemp oil, and specifically CBD, are hot commodities these days – but they are not without some risk. We’ve seen reports of the DEA sweeping such products off store shelves in states like Indiana and North Dakota.
Enter Emerald Health Bioceuticals — a global leader in the research and development of plant-based phytocannabinoids and the nutritional support of the human endocannabinoid system. Their focus has led to a new, safe and innovative way to address most common concerns by tapping into a recently discovered system called The Endocannabinoid System (ECS) using non-cannabis ingredients that positively influence the body’s ECS.
Your ECS is involved in every aspect of human health including things like mediating and regulating a wide range of physiological effects from the brain and nervous system, to pain relief, appetite enhancement and regulating mood.
The company created a robust education campaign to assist retailers and the public understand the importance of the ECS and how it can be influenced by compounds other than those found in the cannabis plant. Industry education legend Dr. Michael Murray, N.D., sits on the company’s board of scientific advisors.


The product line was developed to address trending concerns like stress, sleep, cognitive, inflammation and bliss. Emerald Health reached out to us to create a disruptive and engaging package design with shelf presence to assist in the national launch.


Several package design concepts were explored, and research confirmed that using a large botanical image created the most striking, engaging and memorable impact on shelf. Each photo is specific to an ingredient in that product. We balanced the colorful, dramatic photos with simple, elegant typography, which work together to create a serious, thoughtful and effective brand and product line image.
The industry kick-off couldn’t have gone better, with our collaboration resulting in the client taking home the NEXTY Award as the Natural Products Expo East 2017 Editor’s Choice Best New Supplement!
Check out all of the package designs below, follow their journey on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and to buy their products, click here.
Emerald Health Endo Bliss
Emerald Health Endo Brain
Emerald Health Endo Calm
Emerald Health Endo Inflame
Emerald Health Endo Sleep

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Tom Foerstel : Founder & President

Tom Foerstel

Founder & President

Growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area in the 60’s, Tom developed a strong desire to create positive change for people and planet.

He went on to pursue his passion for art and design at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, and worked for design firms in Southern California before moving to Boise, Idaho in the early 80’s. Foerstel Design opened its doors in 1985. Since its inception, the firm has cultivated a bold, happy, forward-looking team focussed on creating distinct and effective work on behalf of their clients.

An integral part of Tom’s philosophy is giving back to the community in which he lives — a company cornerstone that drives Foerstel’s long history of providing pro-bono services to local non-profit humanitarian and arts programs.

One of Tom’s proudest personal achievements is his ability to say Supercalifragilisticexpyalidocious backwards.