may in motion

Our annual tradition of May in Motion is now upon us! It is time we reimagined our daily commutes and consider giving biking, carpooling, skateboarding, walking and mass transit a try instead of driving our cars to work — some SMART modes of transportation.

Thanks to Share The Ride Idaho, we now have an internal site to log our rides to/from the office, plus a bag full of stellar goodies to reward officemates participating in MiM 2017.
We’re excited to take part in the event, not only for the Boise community, but also for our own personal health and mother nature. We hope this ignites us all to rethink our various modes of transportation throughout the entire year and make decisions based on reducing our carbon footprint. Check back here to see each of our commutes to/from work!
5/8/17: Tom
Last fall someone stole Tom’s bicycle, so Tom has found a new appreciation for walking. That’s right. He’s been logging over 4 miles on foot bright and early in the morning and again later in the evening. During the day, he also uses one of the bikes we have have in the Foerstel Fleet to attend meetings, run errands or pick up lunch! Be sure to check out his commute on our Facebook Page!
5/19/17: Linda
Linda now has two bikes and loves riding both of them! Her newest whip has all the bells and whistles to accommodate Linda’s active lifestyle, a basket for personal items and even a place to attach a yoga mat. Check out her morning commute through the calm North End and her zooming past a tractor on our Facebook Page!
5/26/17: Laura
Seriously, over the river and through the woods is how we’d describe Laura’s commute to work. She definitely wins for the longest and most treacherous commute to and from the office. She kept pedaling through the flooded greenbelt, construction zones, busy streets and hot evenings. Check out her commute on Foerstel Facebook Page!

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