miniature wonderlands

UK-based artist Jenny Ayrton captures miniature wonderlands in molten glass. She encases delicate metal drawings within blocks of glass using a sand-casting technique. The unpredictable flow of the glass brings each scene to life, and ensures that each piece is unique. 
Ayrton describes her scenes as they are directly influenced by her life as a Devon-based mother; following visits to the towns, beach and moor, and she creates tiny wire sketches based on the day’s observations. But she feels like her work sits slightly awkwardly between art and craft so she supposes she’s going in both directions to see what works best, though she really likes the scale of her current pieces.
While in terms of new projects she’s got so many ideas. She’s working on both larger and smaller pieces. And she also has ideas to create a series of pieces to illustrate a short artisan story book!

[via the design inspiration]

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