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Do you ever find yourself with a stack of business cards that you just can’t seem to toss? Then, reality kicks in and you realize you have his/her contact information saved in your digital files so the stack goes directly into the recycle bin. Every once in awhile you’ll come across a business card design that strays from the norm, usually its thickness of card stock, cool shape or die cut, or varying textures; but have you ever seen some really unique, refreshing designs?
Check these ten out for inspiration and let us know your favorite!

1) Bill Nye the Business Card Guy

21801This business card, created by University of Nebraska Graduate Research Assistant Aaron Alai, is an interactive tutorial that teaches the recipient how transistors work. You can see a video of the card in action on his website.

2) For When You Need to Sit a Spell

UK-based ecommerce home furnishings shop Bentply lets you turn their business card into a little chair with just a few flicks and folds.

3) In-Person Photoshopping

Graphic designer Dario Monetini encourages people to have fun with his business cards — he has some with sunglasses on them, too, if you want your friends to look even cooler than they already do.

4) Erase Last Night’s Mistake

If you ever wonder what you’d look like if you hadn’t gotten that ink, this business card from Baywood Laser Tattoo Removal gives you a quick glimpse. Also great for job interviews and meeting the in-laws.

5) Check Your Tire Treads

1010Tires created incredibly useful business cards with a direct tie-in to their business — keep this business card on you, check your tread depth periodically, and come see us when you need new tires. Brilliant.

6) Which One’s Better: This, or This

Similarly functional, this optometrist turned her business card into an eye chart. If you’re having trouble making out any of the rows, make an appointment.

7) Better Than Duct Tape

Any avid biker would keep this business card from Broke Bike Alley handy — it doubles as a patch for your tires.

8) Nom Nom Nom

This is a business card made out of beef jerky — how cool is that. Unless you get really hungry or forget to take BC Adventure’s survival training courses, you could probably hold on to this for a while. (Anyone know how long beef jerky stays good for?)

9) C’mon Folks Pretend You Like Each Other (Yuk Yuk)

This is a totally inbound business card from Vorderman Photography — here, crop your photos with this free tool! And then realize you’d rather leave it to the professionals.

10) Emergency Cheese Grater

I’ve actually been in this emergency before. Block of cheese, no way to shred it. And I thought I was so gourmet not buying pre-shredded.

Bonus: This Message Will Self Destruct In …

This Dutch headhunter created an edible business card. So I guess if he gives it to you, the expectation is that you have to eat it. I think that’s how it works. This is truly bad-ass, and technically, you’re not throwing anything away — it’s nourishment.

[via hubspot]

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