Enjoy a collection of musings, deep thoughts and good times from our crew here at Foerstel.

cut and paste

Estonia-based illustrator and graphic designer Eiko Ojala has continued to delight viewers with his illustrations that are publicized throughout the world. His art is digitally

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action art

Chen Yingjie aka Hua Tunan is an incredible artist from Foshan, Guangdong, China. Born in 1991, Tunan blends traditional Chinese art and Western graffiti into his

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emptied artspace

In his series Vacancy, German photographer Ralph Gräf documents the empty rooms, staircases and corridors of abandoned houses and military bases, all waiting for a

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wearable sea creatures

In her ongoing body of work, Japanese artist Mariko Kusumoto loves to use polyester fabric and assemble it into three-dimensional wearable and sculptural jewelry pieces.

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The Pilot Ace, one of the first computers built in the UK. Designed by Alan Turing, and built by the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) in

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memory bikes

Go grab a pen and some paper and try this: Using only your memory, draw a bicycle. You have two minutes. Gianluca Gimini has over

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real food

From the sticky to the greasy, Martin Parr’s new book Real Food published by Phaidon is a glorious collection of everyday meals and snacks. Taken in

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sneak peek

The first trailer for the documentary film Graphic Means: A History of Graphic Design Production has just been released. Directed by Briar Levit, the film

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quirky characters

Michigan illustrator David Zinn (previously) has brightened the streets of Ann Arbor with his off-the-wall (or technically on-the-wall) chalk drawings since 1987. The artist works

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drywall relief

Bernie Mitchell is a drywall contractor that puts his creativity to work designing, constructing, sculpting and finishing specialty features in shoreline homes and cottages. Bernie

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a meadowed room

Using scraps leftover thread from her family’s carpet factory in Buenos Aires, artist Alexandra Kehayoglou embarks on a laborious hand-tufting process to fabricate wool carpets

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no sugar january

January is a time for fresh starts, and this goal-setting office loves a fresh start. In addition to starting fresh with the calendar year, the Foerstel office

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20 designer gifts

It’s that time again! Food and family and finding the perfect presents. Whether you’re trying to win the heart of a graphic designer in your

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flower power

In mid-October, florists from across the country filled every nook and cranny of an abandoned house in Detroit with American-grown fresh flowers and living plants

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cascading embroidery

Ana Teresa Barboza produces embroidered landscapes with wandering streams that break the fourth wall, jumping off their 2D structures and cascading to the floor in waterfalls of

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Tom Foerstel : Founder & President

Tom Foerstel

Founder & President

Growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area in the 60’s, Tom developed a strong desire to create positive change for people and planet.


He went on to pursue his passion for art and design at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, and worked for design firms in Southern California before moving to Boise, Idaho in the early 80’s. Foerstel Design opened its doors in 1985. Since its inception, the firm has cultivated a bold, happy, forward-looking team focussed on creating distinct and effective work on behalf of their clients.


An integral part of Tom’s philosophy is giving back to the community in which he lives — a company cornerstone that drives Foerstel’s long history of providing pro-bono services to local non-profit humanitarian and arts programs.


One of Tom’s proudest personal achievements is his ability to say Supercalifragilisticexpyalidocious backwards.